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Services We Offer

Sleep Consult

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sleep. Based on your family's unique needs and philosophy, we will together create and execute an evidence-based sleep plan and timeline that not only works, but feels right, for you. You'll receive in-person and e-mail support and resources through the entire process.

Positive Discipline Consult

Positive discipline means teaching rather than reacting and supporting rather than demeaning. In doing so, we give our children and ourselves the skills to act in socially meaningful ways. Implementation of proven teaching materials, as well as observation and mentorship, will make abstract concepts concrete.

Toileting Consult

Toileting often emerges naturally if we listen to the child's needs. Inspired by Brazelton and Spock's approaches, I will help to interpret your child's toilet readiness and provide pre-toileting or training skills that are appropriate for your little one and will build confidence.

Individualized Enrichment

I will furnish engaging learning invitations tailored to your child's interests. During an in-home visit with caregiver and child, I will analyze your child's emerging abilities with you and create fun, week-long lessons for you and little one to enjoy together. All materials included.


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